Move files from my vault back to hardware/computer

Hello people. I have the USB sandisk ultra flash 3.0 128gb and moves alot of important files from USB to secureaccess vault. And as stupid as i am i only had these files at one place, now at my vault in secureaccess.

So i just wanted to know how i moves these files back to my USB from secureaccess vault.

Every file i try do something with i recive this notice: The file is invalid and cannot be opened or decrypted. It is either corrupt, been tampered with or belongs to another licens.



in that case it seems that the encrypted .dat  files are no longer inside the vault or the vault is not complete anymore. 

i would suggest not doing anything more with the software and contact the support to check if they can help you recover the fles from it if they are still available

from here you can  contact the support

You have to open SecureAccess, select a file, then copy it to the harddrive or USB drive.  Repeat for each file then close SecureAccess.