Can't move files out of vault

When I log in, the only option I have is to look at my vault. I don’t know how to move the files out of the encrypted folder onto my computer or into the publicspace of the flash drive.

There is no menu and right clicking on the vault icon in my taskbar just brings up my login screen.

After you log in to SecureAccess what happens when you RIGHT click on a file?

Same with me. I can’t open my files in the vault or even edit them. I have tried to copy and paste it in my ‘public’ folder but it doesn’t work. What will I do?

I have same issue. I want to move files from the vault to public space but can’t find a way to do that!

I may be oversimplifying this because I had your issues as well.  What I learned to do was create a folder where I want it to go (whether on the device, or a computer desktop) and open it.  Make the window small enough so that it can be side by side with the vault page.  Then, to transfer the files, just highlight the ones you want to move – and I also discovered if I was trying to move more than 4 gb worth at a time, it caused the program to crash.  So be aware of your bits and bytes and how they might add up to 4 gb.  As long as you have highlighted less than 4gb of data, then “DRAG” it to the open window of the place you want to put the files.

If you click on them accidentally instead of dragging, it often causes a weird exception that forces the vault program to have to be turned off so you have to re-log in.  It was cumbersome *without* that quirk. 

After dragging and dropping, the vault page will ask you if you want to delete the original file from the vault.  There is a tick box that you can say “don’t ask me again” or something.   But the files that you moved and thus unencrypted are the same as they were before you ever put it in the vault and can be moved anywhere you want to without hindrance.