just bought it and I am very impressed with what you say it will do 4 me - encrypt, PW protect.  Maybe flash drives like this r answer 2 my backup problems. 

EXCEPT - that’s not at all what I bought it 4. 

I want it to store my photos so I can take the USB to my TV, another PC, or a digital picture frame viewer and show them to people.  My TV has a USB port, but how is it supposed to deal with a password, or encryption?  Do I use your “Removing Secure Access on a Flash Drive” on-line instructions that I found burried in a fix-it message posting?  What do I do? (And, don’t reply like the answer should b obvious - there r people in the world who r not IT pros - don’t u want 2 sell flash drives 2 them [me] also?)

Suggestion - when a user first plugs in his new Sandisk flashdrive, have your user software give some basic options for how it will be used, and a few start off instructions specific 4 the selected use.

Though IT is not my profession, I know a lot more about it than most people I know - and nothing about using this drive, 4 my purpose, is intuitive 2 me.