Can some one please explain why I can just simply delete the files and there gone ?

Hi so I purcased 2 Sandisk Usb drives today and found that there was Sandisk secure access on them and thought awesome lets try this ! After setting a password etc I put some files into the so called vault this was cool ! Then I relized that they were protected from being viewed without a password but were easily deleted … The point im trying to get my head around is if im going to secure files on this USB and all some one has to do to screw with me is delete the files issent this a bit pointless ?? I dont even want them to be able to see or delete the encrypted files ! Should there just not be a vault program file that you cannot remove with out a password and everything be protected by the password ?


Its true that you can still see all the encrypted .dat files and delete them so its not very secure in that case but you can create backups of the vault and the files stored inside. In that case if you lose the files or even the flash drive you will be able to use another sandisk drive, restore the backup with the vault, enter the password and there you are you have all the files again visible and restored in the new empty vault.

So if you do backups its also secure.