Using clip zip in the car

I just got my Clip Zip 4GB (replacing an iPod Nano Touch 6g with a busted screen), and have installed Rockbox firmware on it.  I also have a 16 GB microSD card installed.  

Today was the first time I tried my Clip Zip in the car.  While it does play, it’s not ideal.  For the iPod, as soon as I connected the USB, it would always resume playing right where I had left off.  But this one, I’m constantly losing my place.  I’m not sure what is the rhyme or reason of where it starts playing.  It seems to always start at the beginning of a track, but it’s not even necessarily the one I had just been listening to.  The odd thing is that when I go back to the headphones, it resumes right where I had left off prior to hooking up to the car.  

Also, my stereo (which is the no-frills one that comes with my Hyundai) really only has a <–SEEK–> button which goes from file to file, so there’s no advanced navigation ability there.

I saw something on the forum about possibly being able to navigate via the Clip Zip screen by connecting to the AUX IN port instead of via USB… 

Anyone have thoughts for either improving the current USB setup navigation/resume feature, or alternatives to suggest?

Thanks in advance…

In my car, I always have connected via an AUX IN connection–it’s the equivalent of connecting the Clip at home to external speakers.  And then, in this set-up, simply operate the player as normal, from the player itself.  The Clip is so small, it’s almost just like a remote control.

AUX = Operation/playback controlled by the player.

USB = Operation/playback controlled by the head unit in the car.

Ok, I will try this.