Sansa Clip Starts From Beginning When Used In Car

I’m using my Sansa Clip in my car (2012 Hyundai Elantra) through the USB port.  It works well except for a few annoying issues.  I’ve tried to get the answers on the Hyundai forums but had no luck so I’ll try here.  

When I start the car with the MP3 player plugged into the USB port, it automatically starts playing.  For example, if I turn the car off with XM Satelite Radio on, when I restart the car, the MP3 will begin playing instead.  

The other issue is that when I restart the car, it doesn’t pick up from where it left off.  It starts at the beginning (which I’m not sure how it is determined btw). 

These may have more to do with the car than the MP3 Player, but if anybody can shed some light on it I’d appreciate it.

Since the automatic turn on also applies when using a wall charger, I suspect that is not  a car problem. As far as restarting goes, the clip does not turn off when unplugging from a wall charger and I suspect the same applies to turning off your radio. If  this is the case, you need to manually turn off the clip, a pain but that seems to be the way they work.

As a note, I suspect that some of the people having discharge problems after charging a clip may not be aware that the clip is on after they unplug it, and if it is on fm it will play until the battery runs down. Even on music, it may play for quite a while depending on options selected. Note, although the player doesn’t play when plugged into the USB port of a computer, it still turns on and stays on when disconnected.

I don’t have a USB port on my car radio, I use one of those FM transmitter thingies to play a stick. The clip behaves same as when plugged into the computer, so I’ve no idea why you get any music period. May be the car radio behaves in some different way and what I said doesn’t apply, but at least you can check it out. Let us know and also if it is getting power from the radio.

Thanks Dave for the reply.  I’ll take a look at the options I have as for as automatic turn on.  As for getting power, yeah that’s one reason I use the MP3 player instead of a flash drive - it keeps it charged.