Resume playback function

Why does it miss this feature? I know Rockbox has it but why don’t the original firmware have it?

What makes you think it doesn’t?

I just started a song, turned off the unit, turned it back on and it resumed in mid-song.

I just switched to FM radio, clicked back to music and resumed in mid-song.  

Under what circumstances is yours not resuming?

I can verify Rectangle’s results. I also switched to FM radio mid-song, switched back, and the song played automatically. Perhaps you paused the song before you turned off your unit/switched to another activity?

I am having the same problem. I have used my clip+ for over a year and have not downloaded any updates.

Two weeks ago it stopped resuming the same song when I turned it back on.

It does not matter whether I turn the Clip off or it automatically turn soff after 10 minutes of non use. It just reverts to the Music folder when I turn iit back on.

Maybe your firmware got a glitch.

Go to the firmware update thread, near the top of the first page, and use the manual method to update. Download the .zip folder, unzip it, drag it over to the Clip driveletter and disconnect. 

I had the same issue for a long time. Finally worked after I did the following (not sure what did it): Formatted (settings > system settings > format), updated firmware, changed usb mode to MTP (settings > system settings > usb mode) and then added an audiobook by using the synchronization feature that is presented when you connected the Clip+ to your computer in MTP mode.