USB2 PCMCIA will not recognize 4Gig sansa clip

I have an older laptop (compaq906US). Bought a belkin USB2 card for mor xfer speed. When I plug my sansa clip into it, the sansa is not recoginized. If I connect the sansa to the on board USB1 connection the computer will recoginize the clip. I can plug a flash drive into the belkin port & it is recoginized. Any thoughts ?

Change the USB Mode on the Clip to MSC Mode.

I did see that mentioned. I am not clear on how to do that though. Do you get to the main menu on the device itself or when it is connected to the computer. I have updated the firm ware to 2.0.32 today. the how to said i need the latest firmware to acess the main menu.

This problem has not been solved. I pressed the wrong key

When unplugged from the PC go to Settings>USB Mode> MSC>Hit the Center Button.

Thanks I found the settings & changed to MSC. The clip comes up as a drive & I have acess to it.

Right your PC thinks its a Flash Drive so, If you arnt using services like Rhapsody, all you have to do is drag and drop your files to the music folder. Its just like a flash drive.