USB connection to speakers/conrtols do not work?


My daughter has a bed that connects to a MP3 player through a USB connection and has speakers and play controls on it. The SanDisk Sansa clip plus does not seem to work, looks like it is trying to connect to a computer to recieve information. Is there something I should be doing differrently or is this functionality not supported with this MP3 player?

A bed that connects to a Mp3 player? Cool!.  The Clip+ has two modes, MTP and MSC mode(settings > System settings > USB). If you transfer files under MTP, the songs will not show up on the computer when you connect it  under MSC mode and vice versa. Most likely your bed does not recognize MTP device devices. That being said, try transferring music on both modes msc and mtp and do a test. Try connecting the Sansa to your bed under MSC and MTP.