Computer will not recognize Clip (not Clip +) when it's in MTP mode

Computer will not recognize Clip in MTP mode.  The Clip thinks it’s connected, but nothing shows up on the “My Computer” side. I forced a MSC connection and that worked, but none of the music/playlists show up that way.  I know there is music on the Clip because when I use it with my head phones everything is there, and it plays.  I’ve tried updating to the latest firmware on the Clip, removing and re-installing the USB Mass Storage driver on the PC, Updated to version (v11) of Win Media Player, holding down the ON button for 30+ seconds (that did nothing but turn the Clip back off right away).  I’m out of ideas.  All I want to do is add/change songs on my Clip.  Any ideas???

Not sure why your computer won’t connect in MTP mode; do you have the necessary drivers, included with Windows Media Player 10 (or is it 9?) and above or otherwise available? As to not seeing things when connected in MSC mode (note: you don’t have to force an MSC connection but can set your player to it, under its settings/USB mode), note that your computer only sees the files on your Clip that were transferred to the Clip under the mode that you then are connected to your computer under. And so, if the files were transferred to your Clip under MTP mode, your computer will only see the files when connected to the Clip under MTP mode. A solution: format the Clip under its Settings (note: this will delete your all content on your Clip), set the Clip to MSC mode under its settings, copy your files back to the Clip, and keep the Clip set to MSC mode. Hope this helps–