Can't connect to sound system with USB

When I try to connect to my Home stereo, it says that the player is empty or not recognised.( Empty in Auto detect and MSC and no device in MTP)  It only charges with the icon of the Mp3 player and the computer on the Sandisk. 

I can play it with the phone jack as analog, in my home stereo and car stereo, but the volume is very low.

 I have the latest firmware…

 Any other suggestions as to how to connect with usb?


With USB its basically just using your player as a USB thumb drive. Since thumb drives only have one disk and use MSC, you’ll need to be in MSC mode and possibly remove any microsd cards. Any music you add in MTP mode won’t be accessible. If volume is low over analog, you may be in Europe or have set the region to EU, where laws prevent mp3 players from having full volume. You can change the region to USA and things will work normally.


You might have to put albums in the internal memory, in MSC mode. You might even have to take them out of subfolders. It depends how smart your USB stereo is. 

As for volume, definitely make sure you are not stuck with European region restrictions on volume.

But also remember, the Clip is only meant to power headphones, so it’s not putting  a huge signal out of the headphone jack. When I connect mine to the AUX of my car stereo, I have to crank it up all the way and turn up the car stereo considerably.

And then when I switch back to car radio I have too remember to turn it down! 

Thanks for the replies.

 I just loaded one track in MSC and now it’s working. Great. 

 Now! Do I have to delete all my albums and load them again? Or is there a way to convert them on player?

 Oh, well… at least it’s working. thanks a lot. 

If this was a question of where the files were located–on the internal memory or an eternal card–or if the files had been transferred under USB MSC mode or MTP mode, you’ll have to delete the current files and re-transfer/re-locate them.  But really, easy eniugh to do–you can just copy and paste them and leave the computer alone to do the work after you give it the command.