Connect the Clip+ trough USB to my amplifier

Hi guys.

I’m trying to connect the Clip + to my amplifier to my setero amplifier with the USB connection, but it doesn’t recognize any files in the device…

It just works great with my previous cheap mp3 player. Any idea on what the problem may be?


Is the player’s USB mode (under Settings) set to MSC mode?  If not, you might try that (as well as setting to MTP mode).  

You also could just use a patch cord from the Clip’s headphone port to an audio in port on your stereo.  

I’ve tried both of them and none works… : |

This works just fine but I guess that audio is not as good as with USB…

@spriling wrote:

This works just fine but I guess that audio is not as good as with USB…

Have used the patch cord route for many years, and can’t say that I notice any difference from tunes playing from my stereo system directly.  (But I also play my music at medium volume, at the highest.)  

One thing I’ve always liked in using a portable audio player connected to a stereo via a patch cord:  the audio player acts like a remote control (albeit connected by the patch cord)–a great set-up at one’s desk.  

I have an FM transmitter in my car that plays a memory stick thru’ the radio. Unfortunately my new car didn’t come with USB input, although it has an ipod hook up, but the ipod wasn’t included.

Anyway, this little marvel (cost less than $8 postage included) will not play from the clip+ with or without the micro card. The player works fine when plugged into a wall charger, so the failure to play has to do with the audio signal connection which is absent in the wall charger. Needless to say, the FM transmitter works fine with a memory stick.

^^^ You probably need to put your player into MSC mode.