Charging without computer


I’m using the Clip 2gb, and I have a  usb charger (something like this). However, the Sansa Clip doesn’t charges when I plug it into the usb charger. It seems that it charges only when connected to a computer.

Is this a known issue? Can I fix it somehow?

Thanks a lot

The type of device you show does work fine (although mine is a different brand). Mine has an on/off switch. You would have to get the voltmeter out, you can probably get the pin-out from the internet.

My hunch is, it’s the USB charger–I’ve had that as well with a no-name charger.  Chargers vary in their quality, to say the least.

Miikerman, I guess you’re right. Mine is a no-name charger :frowning:


On a different note: I have a strange problem with my player. I’m adding music using Ubuntu, and when I connect it to a computer running Windows XP - the music folder isn’t visible, so I can’t copy/delete/add music to the player from XP. I’ve tried some Vista computers and it was fine. Is it a known problem?

Go into settings, navigate to usb type and set to MSC. It’s probably on auto now. That means it will prefer MTP mode if the host supports it else it will select MSC mode. Ubuntu doesn’t support MTP so you loaded music in MSC mode. The version of windows you used probably does support MTP mode. Music loaded on one mode will not be visible in the alternate mode when you are hooked up to a computer. The unit itself will show all music. Sandisk would have done better to not have offered auto mode.

It’s already on MSC.

The thing is that it’s not the music that’s not visible (I’m fimiliar with this MSC/MTP issue) - but it’s the MUSIC folder itself that’s missing.

The Music folder (among others) is ‘hidden’ by default. You have to tell Windows to “show hidden files and folders”.