help please

i have a 8gb sansa clip which im happy with, got home today and plugged it into the laptop and all albums and music has gone. I have tried tool/folder options/ and try making it unhidden but not working.

the properties say i have used 6.95gb with 666mb left so i guess it is still there.

did you change the usb mode on the player. the clip has 3 usb modes, autodetect, msc and mtp if the files are copied to the devie in one mode they will not show up in the other and vis versa. to check the usb mode look for usb in the settings menu.

how do i find the settings menu ( been a long day at work )

changed all 3 modes still nothing

Did you load your music onto the clip with the laptop?    Your clip’s usb mode was probably set to auto.    Depending what mode it was connected as when you loaded your music, could be either msc or mtp.

Your laptop is connecting in the oposite usb mode.    I’m going to guess you loaded the music in MTP mode.  to try and get connected in MTP mode again…  set the clip in auto or mtp.   Then follow the knowledgebase subject on getting the Clip recognized by the computer.

Easy solution would be go back to the computer you loaded the music from (unless it was the laptop your trying now)… 

Good luck,

The burning question!

Does the music play on your Sansa?  Can you access your tracks?

There’s a peculiarity of the two USB modes, MSC and MTP, in that files transferred in one mode will be unavailable in the alternate mode, but this is file access from the PC only.

The Sansa cares not which mode was used for transfer, as it will find the files regardless of mode- as long as the files have valid ID3 Tags.  Actually, in the case of OGG, Vorbis comments.

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