Sansa clip music load problem


I just inherited my daughter’s Sansa clip MP3 player, and it’s supposed to be 2 gig storage. After deleting all of her music manually (335 songs, one song at a time because they were NOWHERE to be found in any directory), I loaded mine in the “music” directory, but it would only take about 81 songs, or about 456 megs of storage. If I had more than that, when I disconnected from the computer the database refreshed but it stopped at a certain point. I had to remove songs (down th the 81 I mentioned) and then it was OK. If I put in one song at a time now, it refreshes - but one song at a time is a pain in the foot.

Anyone have a clue what’s going on?


I wonder if the songs are there, but you just can’t see them . . . .

With the Clips, your computer will only show what’s on the player, showing the files that were transferred to the player using the USB mode that you then are connected to your computer under.  And so, if songs were transferred under USB MSC mode, your computer won’t see them when connected to the player under USB  MTP mode.  And it can get very confusing when the Clip’s USB mode (under System Settings) is set to “Auto,” in which case the player can switch between both MTP and MSC modes.

A solution:  reformat the player, under its System Settings, and that will clear everything away.  (Transfer anything you want to save to your computer first–note that you will have to do this with the player set to each of MSC and MTP modes, for the reason explained above).  And then set the player to either MTP mode or MSC mode and keep it set that way. 

I think the songs are still there. Try to do a reformat if it’s an option for you.

Sounds like there’s an echo in here. :confounded: