Help - lost my music

My question is similar to one below.  I used my clip for about 9 months.  I recently shut it off and when I turned it back on and tried to play a song, the song wouldn’t start. (time stayed at 00:00).  I tried again and it still didn’t work. I came online and followed direction to download an update thinking that would work.  When I turned my clip on again, it now tells me there are no songs at all.  However, when I plug it into my computer, the memory is still reading as if it was loaded with the songs. ( I only have 790MB free out of 4GB)

To me, those songs are somewhere in my clip.  Any ideas as to how I can find them or if they are truely gone and I will have to reformat to clear the memory again?  When I open the files on the computer all the folders that come up are showing empty.

I really don’t want to have to load all that music again…:frowning:

Try:  disconnect from your computer; on the Clip, go to Settings and USB under that, and switch the setting to what’s not highlighted (either MSC or MTP); reconnect to your computer and see if you can now see the music via your computer.

At that point, I’d transfer the music to your computer, disconnect, and then format the Clip from its Settings; and then transfer your music back.

thanks for the info.  I tried what you told me, and it still didn’t work.  Anyone else?