Sansa 8GB Clip+ erased music but says the space is still there

Hello there. My Clip+ randomly erased all my music (right when I was getting over 100 songs) but keeps saying all the space is still there on my player. I’ve tried adding in new music and then deleting it, seeing if it’d somehow realize there wasn’t any space, but no luck. I don’t know what to do or what I did to cause such a thing.

I had put in a new song the night before and then when I went to listen to some music, I only had one song. I hooked it up to my computer and even though there was only one song in the MUSIC folder, the bar showing how much space I had left was still almost full. 

Can anyone help?

First, I assume you tried a reset (hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds, or more).

Second, if that doesn’t work and you don’t mind erasing the content you have on the Clip, reformat it under its settings.  (Or, if you can’t do that, reformat it under Windows.)

Hopefully, 1 or the other will do it!