8gb clip music disappearance!

updated the firmware because music wouldnt play, would just show song and when i clicked play, it would automatically pause again. when updated the firmware, no songs show up on pc in msc and mtp (i think thats what their called). wouldnt show any on clip either. also still shows that 3gb of space is taken up wich is about the same amount of music i had on it. ive been searchin the net and cant find anyone with the same problem. ive also tried 3 different pc’s. ive tried the reset thing. i dont wanna lose the songs i have on there but as of right now i dont see any other way of freeing up the space. im open to any suggestions

also ran windows disk checker, found 49/350+ songs which play on clip, but still missing on pc. checked all folders, no hidden files and folders either. also failed to mention that ive used it since christmas with absolutely no problems, up until this. could i have gotten a virus or somethin on it that would cause the clip to do this?

I had this same exact problem… Its just something that happens with the clips firmware or hardware… um, theres no choice but to just delete any files still on there and to just start putting music back on.