Disk full

Hi first time on here,I have read up to see if the fault is on here but couldn’t find it.

I have a sansa clip 8gb and haven’t used it for about 3 weeks,turned it on and it said I have no music,the 2 audio books where still there,they where the last thing I up loaded . i plugged in to the PC and showing no music files,started to up load my files and after 300mb i get the massage disk full.i have looked in the properties and it shows 7.2gb used.so i have deleted the audio books and the 300mb music now showing 6.93gb used. i have tried holding the on switch for 20 sec but no joy,down loaded the latest firmware but still no joy,any ideas?

You could try 2 other things:

–  run a Windows error-check on the Clip drive (connect to your computer, right click on the Clip drive, click on Properties, and choose and run error correction (also known as CHKDSK) from one of the tabs there–set the error-correction to automatically fix errors)

–  reformat the Clip from its Settings–note, this will erase any content of yours on the Clip.

Good luck!

tried the format,now have 7.56gb free thanks