capacity showing but appears full

Hi, any assistance for this ageing, non-tech-minded Clip-owner appreciated - when I load tracks via Windows, the Clip is showing 490 mb capacity remaining ( more than half its total), yet it wont accept any more tracks, so I can’t more than half-fill it; it’s been incrementally increasing this amount for some time, & I’ve formatted it, to no avail, can anyone suggest a remedy ( In non-tech-terms if poss ) that this oldie can apply? Thanks for any help.

Have you reformatted the player under its Settings options?  (Before doing so, copy any content you want to save over to your computer first.)

Hi, thanks for responding, yes I did that, & tried to reload with several CDs worth of music, & it stopped loading with 490-odd mb still showing as available - anything else I can try?

You can try reformatting the Clip via Windows itself (although my hunch is that you will have the same situation). If using Windows, be sure the format is using the FAT32 option. I’m not sure why the player is refusing to let you use that last .5G–the player keeps some of the space for its operating files, but I don’t recall it being that high an amount (or maybe I just don’t recall? it’s been awhile . . .). The only other thing I can think of is, manually reapply the latest firmware to the player (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum)–the firmware can get corrupted, and this would cure that.

Oh, and to reformat using Windows: with the Clip’s USB mode (under the player’s System setttings) set to MSC mode, connect the player to your computer; right-click on the Clip’s drive: and then under the listed options, choose Format (it’s either under that menu or under the Properties tab) and run the format, being sure the format is set to FAT32. (I’m not in front of my computer right now to verify it all, but these steps should get you in the neighborhood.)

Thank you very much Miikerman, will give that a go.