Lost songs

My wife’s Clip is having problems.  She plugged it into WMP today and all her songs are missing, but it still shows there is 700MB of stuff on it.  Checking in My Computer, and all the folders are empty, but it shows as having over 700MB of stuff on it there as well.  I tried formating it, but it still shows up the same.  What am I missing?

Did you try switching it to the other USB mode?

yeah, I tried both USB modes, and that didn’t help either.

One thing to check for is in Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View/Show Hidden Files and Folders -make sure that is checked. If the folder is grayed out, that could be the problem. The folders attributes has changed to hidden and won’t show in a player such as media monkey-winamp etc. Try right clicking the MUSIC folder or individual folders within it and making sure hidden is unchecked. There is where read-only, hidden etc. can be changed. I have had this issue with my (sansa’s) folder and each time I unplug and plug it in the attributes change back to hidden and the songs don’t show up! Might be your fix?..

I am having the same problem. I have tried both usb modes and looked for hidden files still does not show any of the mp3 files but shows a full memory

I checked the “hidden folders” option, and they should be showing up.

I finally managed to get it to format and clear everything off (had to format in both MSC and MTP mode), although my wife wasn’t too happy about having to reload everything…

It still doesn’t explain what actually happened that made the songs dissapear but still take up space on the clip…