166 Songs that I cannot find at all

Im using a Sansa Clip 2gb and when I go to sync music to it using Windows Media player it says that there are already 1.4gb left over, even though it also shows that no songs are on it. I understand that the player itself requires about .2gb for its software, but for some reason there is music on there too that I cannot seem to find.

I know that theres music on the because when I turn it on and go to music I see over a hundred songs named “Track 01” etc. So far Ive tried Windows Media Player and it hasnt been able to find the songs, Rhapsody wont install on my computer, and when I go to the Removable Disk file when I connect the clip to my laptop I cant find the files either through the folders.

I have “show hidden folders” checked and still I cannot find the mystery songs. Is there someway I can do a mass delete of the songs like perhaps a factory reset that completely erases everything on it or am I going to be forced to delete the songs one by one on the player itself?

Any help appreciated, thanks

Have you looked at the Clip using Windows Explorer (My Computer)? 

You should be able to see every file that is on it there. And delete from there as well. 

Personally I do not like WMP, and I use Windows Explorer to load music onto the clip. Just drag & Drop. 

When connected in MTP mode, the computer only shows files transfered in MTP mode; likewise as to MSC mode.

yea I have searched the Removable Disk folder that appears when I plug in the clip, I have hidden folders shown yet I still cant find them

I checked the FAQ on this forum how to change from the two settigns but I cant find the “USB” selection on the Settings menu of the clip

You likely have an older firmware–update it.  And you can connect “manually” in MSC mode by holding the Clip’s center button down while connecting the USB cable. 

how do I go about updating my firmware?

Go the top of the forum and there is a sticky thread on updating to the .29 firmware.  “Manually” updating is recommended–it is quick and easy.

Ok I found it, and the “Holding down center button” trick did it, thanks alot for your help the songs are finally deleted. Heh it was annoying me cuz I like the put the clip on shuffle, and whenever it landed on one of those songs it would not work and would screw up the cycle, bad if you are running on a treadmill :wink:

Thnx again for the help guys