M350 Can't find Songs in Windows Explorer

I’ve read lots of threads like this but none of the answers has helped me with my Clip.  My Clip works good.  No problems with songs or skips songs or have deleted files that are still there like other people have.  I tryed putting more songs on my clip but my computer didn’t recognize.  It’s been over half a year since I put songs on it and I only did it once so I don’t remember how I did it.  Some reason I didn’t have the USB option under settings to switch to msc.  After I updated it to the current one now, .29, the USB option showed up and I was able to switch to msc.  Now my pc can see it and all the folders.  PC is set to view hidden folders.  I see the music folder but nothing is in there.  There is no mp3 files anywhere on the Clip but I have over one hundred on there that I can listen too.  I added new songs to the music folder.  I can see the new songs everytime I connect to the pc but all the other hundred songs are no where to be seen.  How can I view these songs so I can delete some or transfer them out?

Under MSC mode, the computer only shows songs/files transferred in MSC mode; likewise as to MTP mode.  You’ll need to switch your USB mode.

First, be sure that your Clip is functioning correctly.

Then let’s get rid of the generic M350 ID that’s showing up for the device.  Try uninstalling the device while connected, via the device manager.  Upon reconnect, Windows should find a new device, and install the corect one. 

Do you have Windows Media Player 11?

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