Can't find sansa clip to "my computer" icon

I can not see my device on my computer. When i change the USB connection to the MSC then recognizes but can not see the songs that I have to file “MUSIC”

My system is: P4, 3Ghz, Windows XP (sp2)


You don’t see the songs because the computer can only access the files from one mode at a time (either MSC or MTP). Since you probably stored the files in MTP mode, you won’t be able to see them now that you’ve switched to MSC. Of course, the Clip itself can see the files from both modes.

As for the MTP mode not working, how did it happen? Did it used to work before or were you using a different computer? If it’s a driver problem, perhaps you can repair it using the steps in this thread: Empty Music folder SOLVED!!!

it didn’t works…