Computer does not show Sansa Clip

Since about a week, my computer no longer shows my Sansa Clip when I plug it up with the USB cable. I still hear the computer sensing the connection, but it does not show on the Windows Explorer, like it used to. I checked the setting on the clip and it shows - USB - Auto detect. If I change it to MSC the Windows Explorer will show the clip and the folders, but the folders are empty. However, the folders are still on the clip and play. Need to find out what’s going on, so I can add more files to my clip.

Likely the issue is:

When your computer is connected to the Clip under MSC mode, it only shows the files on the Clip that were transferred to the Clip when connected under MSC mode.  Likewise as to MTP mode.  When set to Auto, the Clip will try using MTP mode and then fall back to MSC mode if MTP mode doesn’t work.

The solution:  format your Clip (under its Settings) to clear it out; set the Clip to MSC mode; and retransfer your music to the Clip under MSC mode.

Thanks for the inside. I just did what you said and all is working well now. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Cool–and you as well!


could you help me out, Im on my second sansa 8gb, because the first one was non-detectable thru my computer, when I plugged the usb in, I normally hear a ding-dong that the device has been detected, but Im not getting that, and this second one is the same.  Ive tried it on a second laptop and thats not recognised either.  I did what you advised the other person, Ive formatted it and put it to MSC and auto-detect but its still not picking up, and its also not being recognised that its charging, is there something I have to do, as Ive read through the manual, and its all plain sailing, but it just wont work

Please help


“and put it to MSC and auto-detect”

Am not sure:  did you try setting the USB mode to MSC and leaving it there, and then connecting?

You also could try forcing MSC mode:  turn the Clip off and then put it into hold with the on switch (so the orange under the switch shows), and then hold the center button down as you connect to the computer.  

I just got the Sansa Clip for Christmas. I connected it to the USB port but it does not show up in My Computer.  I’ve searched the threads and tried everything but it still doesn’t appear.  I’ve got Windows XP SP3, Windows Media Player 11, changed the USB setting to MSB, then MTB, and still can’t see it.  I tried to download the driver but it also failed to appear in Windows.  Can anyone help? 

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I’m having the same problem as tgo13, except my question is: Does XP not recognized the Clip’s preloaded content? (4 songs)

I know Vista does, but I don’t know why XP doesn’t recgnize the preloaded content.

The preloaded content likely was put on the Clip under MTP mode, and you likely are connected to your XP computer under MSC mode.  When your player is connected to your computer under USB MSC mode (set under the player’s Settings/USB Mode), your computer only sees the files that had been transferred to the player when the player was connected under MSC mode.  Likewise as to MTP mode.  Regardless, all the files show up and are playable on your player, under whatever USB mode setting.

A good reason why some people prefer to set the USB Mode on their player to either MSC or MTP:  on the Auto setting, the player tries to connect under MTP mode but then will fall back to MSC mode if the MTP connection does not work; the result being, you may have a mix of MSC and MTP mode transferred files on your player, making some of them not visible on your computer without switching to the other USB mode. 

Because MSC mode is more universal (playing with a broader range of operating systems, including Linux and on Macs, and without a need for Windows Media Player on the computer), some people prefer MSC mode.  However, note that DRM (digital rights management) files need MTP mode–they will not transfer sufficiently (the DRM license will not transfer) under MSC mode.

Thanks for this information, forced clip into mode - charging away nicely now  - CHEERS