Sansa Clip shows up in my computer, but my music doesnt.

Pretty much the title is self explanitory. I can hook my clip up to the computer and it will show up in my computer. Now i have like 4.5GB of music already on it, and when i search through to find the music, its not there, just nothing but empty folders. I know for a fact that the music is there, since i can listen to the music through the MP3 player itself.

Ive read stuff on this problem, and everything says about formatting the clip. Well, i dont want to do that, i just want to copy the music over to the computer.

And in case this info may help, ill list it.

Worked correctly on my old computer.

Works correctly with my xbox 360

I have tried toggling USB modes, and it wont show up on this computer in MTP, it showed up on my old computer however.

BOth computers were practically the same, except i couldnt find my drivers disc so i couldnt use that on this computer.

Yes I have XP service pack 2 and WMP 11, so i know i meet requirements.

I can still add music to the MP3 player as well.

If anyone has any idea what is wrong, would you please leave a reply. Thank you in advance.

I’m a bit unclear:  did you try setting your Clip to MSC mode under the Clip’s Settings, USB Mode, and then connect to your computer and see if your music shows?  And, if not, repeat but set the Clip to MTP under USB Mode?

If the music doesn’t show when connected under MSC mode, and you can’t connect under MTP mode, it’s likely that the music was transferred to the Clip under MTP mode originally and you can’t see it now, because, to show music, the Clip needs to be connected in the mode that the music was transferred to it under.