unvisible songs

i have got a new sansa 2gb. there are 5 songs inside and i can listen to them but i cannot see them in windows explorer and wmp. i tried to backup all contents but copied folders are empty. i have updated my firmware. how to get these 5 songs from sansa??? where are they???

Message Edited by jarekmn on 10-18-2008 06:18 AM

Is your player in MTP mode?  If not, switch it to MTP mode and try again.  The songs were loaded on the Clip in MTP mode, and will not be visible in MSC mode.

I tried to set USB mode in Sansa. In MTP mode  I can see these songs in WMP but I still cannot copy to my computer. W explorer cannot see Sansa in MTP mode.

In your first post you said you couldn’t see the songs in WMP.  Now you can?

In MTP mode, you should see your Clip listed as a “Portable Media Player” under My Computer.  If you don’t see it there, you might want to try a different USB port on your computer.  The Clip needs to be connected to a high-power USB port.