Sansa clip + has no space (using a mac)


I recently saw I had filled up all of my space on my 8gb sansa clip + and instead of trying to go through every single thing to see which songs I didn’t want any more I deleted the entire music library, yet no space has been freed up! I also restored the thing to factory settings but no luck with that, Im trying to put music on it while using a mac if that helps at all. Only got about 80mb free for some strange reason

please help!

Not a Mac user but I believe you have to empty the Trash before disconnecting.

 Factory settings is just language, etc.  To clear it off via the unit go to Settings/System Settings/Format (you’ll have to scroll past the first screen). Format will wipe off all user content.

I agree, a reformat would certainly fix this issue. Or it might be cached though, sometimes, restarting you MAC can help too.