Sansa Clip+ - memory issue!!

Hi - URGENT problem, wonder if anyone can help?

I’ve got a 4gb Sansa Clip +. I use a Macbook (OSX 10.6.8) to update it and felt like I needed to freshen up my music. I just dumped all the songs on it (there were about 100 in the Music file) into trash. So it should have freed up a whole load of memory, right? Wrong. Apparently I’ve got 1mb of space left. But I can’t see any files in the Music folder, or if I unplug the Clip from my macbook and look through it that way. What’s going on?

Bit of information if it helps: I’ve been adding songs by dragging and dropping music from iTunes (I know the Sansa Clip + doesn’t really like iTunes) and - as I say - deleting songs by dragging them from the Music file in the Sansa Clip folder into Trash.

Really need it working as I’m about to go out for a training run - please help!

I don’t use a Mac, so I’m simply going off memory here from reading other posts, but I think you have to “empty your Trash” before unplugging the player from your Mac.

I haven’t tried this on a MAC either. Is doing this on Windows an option for you?