Lost or shrinking memory on ver.1 clip

Love my Clip, Thanks for the latest firmware update!

I am using a 2g clip on a '07/'08 MacBook running OS 10.5.6

I drag and drop my songs to the clip. If I erase songs from the computer, I empty the garbage can and “eject” the clip before disconnecting.

Over a period of aprox a month I notice small losses of memory, maybe 40 meg this time, I think it was 350 meg last time I noticed the problem.

I run Disk Utility and use the Repair Disk button and then the lost memory is recovered.

Dose any one else notice this problem or have any suggestions?

Here is the text from the most recent repair:

Verify and Repair volume “SANSA CLIP”
** /dev/disk1s1
** Phase 1 - Preparing FAT
** Phase 2 - Checking Directories
Invalid long filename entry for volume label
Remove? yes
Invalid long filename entry for volume label
Remove? yes
** Phase 3 - Checking for Orphan Clusters
Found orphan cluster(s)
Fix? yes
Marked 664 clusters as free
388 files, 372928 KiB free (11654 clusters)


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I have not noticed this on my clip which I only use on a PC. But I have with my Flash drives which are used on both mac and PC. It seems that when I delete on the mac sometimes some small fragments of files have been left on the drive. I wind up copying the files I need to keep off the drive and format, I dont think this is practical on the clip. Maybe its a Mac thing.


The two mac related mem issues I am aware of are

  1. that the Mac places some invisible files that the operating sys uses to help keep track of some of your file viewing prefs.

They are very small (a few Kb at most)and so I don’t think they are the problem.

  1. that when you delete files on the Clip (from the Mac Finder), they are only hidden until you empty the trash can, at which time the files are actually removed/erased, thus freeing up the memory.

 So If you don’t empty the Trash before ejecting and disconnecting the Clip, you can end up loosing memory.

Because I am aware of these issues, and take precautions to avoid them, I don’t think they are the problem (though I might be mistaken).

Also wondering about the “orphan clusters” discovered/repaired by my disk utility. This is the second time I have noticed this.

Last time I reformatted the Clip and reloaded my music files. This time I just did the “disk repair”

Not aware of any problems with my music files, but it’s hard to know for sure, they seem to play OK.

Other than the apparent slow memory leak, it works great.

Happy trails…

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