memory problem

8G Clip+

Version V01.02.15A


Free: 187MB

I updated the drivers and have tried the factory reset feature and it does absolutely nothing.

Anything else I could try to free up the memory? I love this thing and really miss my audiobooks!

Use the player’s menu to format it(settings,system sttings, format). It will delete everything stored on the player. If you don’t use protected music then set the USB mode on the player to MSC.(settings, system settings,usb mode, MSC). Next connect the player and drag and drop or copy and paste the music to the player using windows explorer(right click on start, click on explore). Don’t sync.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I had been using the player for months with no problem. It is set to MSC. I use it for audiobooks only. Downloaded from my local library using their “Overdrive Media Console” for Mac’s. I would drag and drop books into the player then delete them when finished listening. It worked perfectly until recently when after deleting the old books and attempting to load new books. I got a message saying there was no room. The problem was that I had used “system restore” which did nothing, instead of “format” which solved the problem. Thank you!