2g clip memory shows full but is actually empty

I have a 2g clip that is used for audiobooks.  The memory is showing full but there is not one thing recorded (empty).

I have reformatted, I have reset all.  The USB mode has auto detect ( used all the time) but I have switched to

MTP and MSC all to no avail.  The clip is probably 5 years old but have not had one bit of trouble with it until now.

My drivers are up to date.

Has it bit the dust?  Have I had a brain fart and missed something logical?

Thanks for the help!

The memory in it may have become corrupted. Did you try formatting it with your pc, and also try formatting it with the player’s menu? I guess your player might be dead. These things don’t last forever. You could try reloading the firmware, however I think that probably won’t help.

  Yes I did format with pc.  Guess it has bit the dust.  It lasted a long time and had a great number of books read.

 I did reload the firmware also.  Nothing.

Thanks so much for the reply.

Before giving up on it completely, you might try formatting it with a different computer.

And get it off that awful Auto Defect mode!