My 2GB clip won't hold 2GB

I only have 1.5 GB of used space on my clip, but it says I only have 15.5 MB available? So just to make sure I deleted a some songs and the available space didn’t go up. It just stayed at 15.5.

I think I had this problem before, but I can’t remember how I fixed it. Something to do with updating my clip from this site?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Be sure you have a copy of your music on your computer.    If not copy your music, audiobooks, podcasts back to your computer so that you do.

To erase the contents of your CLIP  use the format feature in the settings menu.

Go to the settings menu   >   Use the small menu button , then click up button  click select


Click down in the settings menu untill you find Format   then click right and select yes

This will erase all the memory in your clip, and give you back every bit of memory possible.   If you copied music to the clip in msc and mtp mode its possible you don’t see all the music on your clip.

After it is finished formatting, turn it off and connect it to your computer.   Then copy your music back to the CLIP.   You may see an increase in free memory.