Player will not hold 2gb!

I recently bought a 2 GB clip and have successfully added 119 songs from my sister’s mac (which I was surprised to be able to do at all) but now it won’t let me add any more. The songs on there now only add up to 538.8 MB but it says I only have 768 KB available! Shouldn’t I have a LOT more space left? Is it because these songs came from itunes? Or is there something else in the player taking up space?



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Your computer only sees files transferred to the Clip when connected in the mode in which the files had been transferred:  MSC or MTP.  Try switching to the other mode and see if there’s music under that mode as well (on the Clip, Settings/USB, with the more recent firmware versions–if you don’t have this option, you might want to install the most recent firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum)).

Thank you, I will try that. =]