Clip+ 8GB can't find my files.


I just got a Clip+ 8GB. I loaded it with about 250 songs but when I start it only 19 files, aside from the preloaded ones, can be found?

Any idea what the problem could be.

I’ve tried updating the firmware.

Well I seem to have gotten around the problem by adding the files 10 at a time, disconnecting the device between each group of 10, and then letting it update the media.

This is kind of tedious though…

You shouldn’t have to do that.  Are you looking under all the <music> categories to see if they’re stuck in an <unknown> folder somewhere? (What does the Settings> System > Info say about how many tracks are loaded?)

Give a little more step-by-step information on how you’re transferring the music, where your music came from, etc, and maybe someone can give you a better explanation.

Under system info the total amount of files was 19 even though roughly 200 were on it.

I transferred them by drag-and-drop through My Computer.

Do your files have ID3 tags and are they filled out correctly and of the proper format so the player can read them?

Well they should be since I can now read them after adding them 10 at a time, refreshing the media list between each.

They seem to disappear when I add a lot at the same time…