Upload/download it doesn't matter...

I can’t upload the firmware, and I can’t download anymore songs, even though I have a half a Gig left! Any ideas??? Thanks, McLeod

System/operating system?  This seems to happen with Macs …

Windows XP

Do you get an error message?  What mode is the player in?  How do you copy your music to the player?

Have you tried connecting in MSC mode (hold switch on, and then press the center button down while connecting the USB cable to the computer)?

When I drag and drop, it says that I can’t place them in the music folder. In Windows media player 10, it just gives an error mark and no explanation.  When I try to update firmware the way you say to Miikerman, in my computer , my Clip shows up as M340 instead of Sansa Clip, and it won’t let me do anything anyway! Also, if I don’t hold the button, but still have it in HOLD mode, it gets to 20% download of firmware and stalls or freezes and never goes any further! Lastly, when it shows up as Clip in My Computer, it says that it can’t format either. Any thoughts anyone?!?  Thanks, McLeod

Try to use the devices Format command under Settings>Format