Help me please...

I am new to this whole MP3 player business. I bought a refurbished Sansa clip. Anyways. I updated my Windows Media Player. I plug in my Sansa. It shows up there in the sidebar window. I drag and drop music over there. I click “Start Sync”. It appears as though something is being done. It says to unhook my Sansa. I look on it and it says that it is empty. So, I start the whole process again. Now when I Sync, it says “error” on all of the songs. What am I doing wrong??? I’m sure it will be something stupid on my part. Just list everything that you would try. Thanks!

If you want to drag and drop exclusively go into the settings menu and change the usb mode option to MSC.  Drag and drop your music into the “music” folder, safely remove hardware then unplug.  It should refresh media then your songs should be there.

Also, I would suggest making sure you have the latest firmware.  You can check in settings>system info.  The firmware thread is a sticky at the top of the forum.