2.01.32 upgrade issues

Hi all

Newbie to the forum, so please be gentle & apologies if this Q has been raised before !

Purchased a Clip 8GB a few weeks back & very pleased with it I am too.

Came across this forum & saw the firmware update. My Clip was shipped with 2.01.16, so downloaded the zip file for 2.01.32,

unzipped it & loaded it across to the the Clip root drive, rebooted it & all was fine - the new version was showing in the system menu.

Before upgrading the firmware I had c 400 music tracks on it; Had another 100 to add, so after upgrading the firmware, sync'd the Clip.

It would appear theat the new firmware is not recognising the 400 tracks that were originally on there, as the sync downoaded the 400 original tracks again + 100 new tracks, so in total 900 tracks are on there.

For instance it's showing (for an 'original album')

Album X

Track 1

Track 1

Track 2

Track 2

etc & all play okay.

I've tried emptying the Clip (checked that it was empty) & resync'd & it loads the 'original albums' twice again.

Have got round the issue by removing all the original albums, so that when you view what is on the Clip (via looking through Windows media player) they are seemingly 'not there', but when you look directly on the Clip they are there (once).

Don't know if this would make a difference, but as I don't have a net connection at home (no jokes please) , I manually add all the

arstist/track details

Hope someone is able to help



In the root directory, delete the file mtable.sys which contains the device’s music database.  When the “refreshing database” message is displayed, the Clip will build a new one from scratch.

The other issue you may be running into is Windows Media Player itself.  Safest option is to format the Clip using the built-in Format command, then plug in the Clip and set it up from scratch with WMP.

From the sync button, look at the bottom of the button, and select Set Up Sync.  It’s important to make that first setup properly, or WMP can do some crazy things.


Thanks Microsansa, will give it a go tonight

Thanks Microsansa

Deleting the file seems to have done the trick

Hope that advice helps others