Updated Firmware...Now What?

Updated to the .29A firmware and at least when I connect the Clip recharges…  But I cannot see any of the songs I already had on there, I no longer so the little Clip icon in my system tray when I connect and in Windows Explorer it sees my clip as a “Sansa M350”?

Tried to connect in either USB mode and in auto-detect.  Tried connecting in hold-mode with holding down the button, etc…

I’d go digging through the messages but it seems that a million people just had to post thank-yous in the thread.  Thanks in advance!

Sounds like we have a whole lot of happy campers then.

On the device, go to settings > info and see that the 1.01.29 firmware is running on your Clip.

Is the Clip operating OK?  Can you access and play your music?

If so, the PC is assigning the generic M350 to the device, rather than pulling up the correct icon.  The required info is part of Windows Media Player 10 /11, especially the MTP drivers.

With the Clip connected, try the Device Manager, and have Windows reinstall the driver.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I just got my Clip 4GB and was loving it over the weekend until I did the firmware upgrade :(  The player seem to think that there are no songs on there when there are plenty loaded.

Windows recognize the drive fine, and I can see and play the files that were loaded.  What is going on?


check the genres Audiobook and podcast


Hi there,

I did exactly the same thing. Add or Delete a song from the Clip and it will reset the database. Viola! All will be well again.

Went into Device Manager and Windows XP sees the Clip as “SanDisk Sansa Clip 2GB USB Device”.  Driver Version is 5.1.2535.0 from Microsoft.  I tried to update and it says it is the most current driver, so I uninstalled and re-installed…no luck.  If I populate the volumes tab it populates as the Sansa M350.

There is nothing in ANY of the folders, including Audiobooks and Podcasts.  I added a dozen tracks to the device and I see them, but nothing else!  Deleting and added again with no luck either…

By any chance, you didn’t add in one USB mode (MTP or MSC) and then connect to the Clip later in the other mode?  The computer only shows what was added in the mode the computer and Clip are then connected under.

Oooooo…you are on to something there…  Of course i was probably in a different USB mode because I had the older firmware from around Chistmas-time.  I added 400 songs and then all of a sudden my computer stops recognizing and charging and my cute little Clip in the system tray when I was connected went away…COME BACK!!!

So now if I attempt to connect in any other USB mode besides MSC the computer doesn’t see squat, won’t recognize, won’t charge…nothing.

I am this >< close to getting an iPod.

OK…I can see what is going on here.  I go to another computer and it is using a different set of drivers.  I connect to my laptop and it using the following drivers: Microsoft, Driver Version: 5.1.2535.0 from 2001.  The driver details are files: disk.sys and drvmcdb.sys 

If I connect to my home box, the driver is 5.2.5326.4762 and files wpdusb.sys and wudfrd.sys.  My box sees it as a Clip in auto-detect USB mode, but I have to put the Clip in MSC mode for my laptop to see it.  Auto-detect will not work with it.  And you’re right about the files added under different USB modes.  I see the songs I added from my laptop in MSC, but not on my box…but I see all the others on my box, but not the songs I added in MSC from my laptop.  Arrrrggh!  The driver files that are on my home box are on my laptop…so this must be a USB recognition thing? Obviously the problem is my computers and not the Clip, right?  Evil thing!

Frustrating until you read about the MSC/MTP differentiation.  For this reason (and because I don’t play DRM files), I set my Clip to MSC mode (as vs. autodetect), which is the most universal–and then I always see all my songs any any computer.

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Good Call…Thanks for the help.  Looks like I’ll just manage my music from my home box, but at least now I can charge my clip with the laptop.