firmware update doesn't "take"

I tried updating the firmware from V01.01.30A to the new version (.01.01.32).  I used both the firmware updater program and also the manual download.  The updater program went through the download process and said that my device was now updated with the newest version of firmware and to disconnect it.  When I checked the system information, it still shows 01.01.30A.  After trying this 2 or 3 times, I went and manually downloaded the zip file with the new firmware.  I manually installed it in my root directory.  When I checked the system information, once again it shows version 01.01.30A is installed.  Any idea what could be the cause of this?


Charge it up a bit before the update.

I shows 78% on the battery charge.  But, I’ll go ahead and charge it all the way up and try it again.

Thanks, I hope this solves the problem!

OK, I tried updating the firmware with the battery charged up to 100%.  FAIL!  I have tried every trick in the book and cannot get the player to accept the new firmware.  I even deleted the M300A.BIN file from the root directory and installed the new firmware.  It still shows version 01.01.30A.  Has anybody been successful in updating this new version?


Yes, the update does work on both my clips  r1 and r2.    Try switching your USB mod to MSC.    Copy the M300A.bin file to the root directory of the clip.   disconnect the clip.   You should see an Updating firmware message as soon as you disconnect the clip from the computer.    

If this is not happening.   Then format the clip.   settings > format > yes…     Repeat the same process or copying the bin file to the root directory of the clip.  and see if that takes.   reset the USB mode to what you wish and then copy your music back to the clip

Good luck

Thanks for your suggested solution.  I changed the USB setting to MSC and then proceeded to use the Sansa automatic updater program.  Everything worked just like it should!  So, I avoided having to manually install the M300A.bin file to the root directory.  PROBLEM SOLVED !!!

I am curious why this particular upgrade required changing the USB setting in order to install.  Previous upgrades didn’t require any tinkering at all.

Anyway, thanks again for the solution to my problem.


Be sure to set your usb mode back to the mode you previously had it.    I am not sure about the answer,  I think the updater should have worked in either usb mod.