M350 Now will not take firmware update

This is a follow on issue to my list posting of my Clip not being able to be rebooted. Got that issue resolved, but now when I try to upgrade the firware via the installer program it won’t execute the reboot…just locks on a message saying the firmware is updating until the battery goes dead.  Also I noticed that the computer recognizes the Clip when I plug it in, but only as a memory device and not a music device.  Do I need to format the Clip and then try loading again?  Thx Tim

If you can reformat from the Clip’s Settings, that might clear away any issue.  (Note:  it also will erase your content on the Clip–move your content to your computer first, if you want to save it.) 

Also, you may find manually installing the firmware easier (I tend to avoid the Sansa Updater, personally).  Instructions are in the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Good luck!

Looks like the issue that I had before already wiped out all my music, but I had it synchronized already luckly…  I got the update to take finally…I had to push the on/off button up like I was forcing it to soft reboot and once I did that it said that it upgraded successfully…

just uploaded my songs again…so thanks for the help!