Firmware download issue-Please help

Hi!  I’m new to the MP3 world (don’t know what took me so lont) so please bare with me…I downloaded the latest firmware to my clip and it’s been about an hour and I’m still getting the “firmware upgrade in progress” message and my battery is low.  I updated the firmware on my other clip and it went very fast.  Why is this one taking so long?  Is it because the battery is now low?  Should I plug it back in to my computer to charge?  Please help a novice…

I’m back…I went ahead and plugged the Clip back in to the computer and now all is well.  This is such an awewome board…thanks to everyone’s q&a I’m learning quite a bit about the Clip and MP3s in general. 

Glad to hear your Clip is alive and well.  It’s important that the battery in the device is charged at least half way prior to running a firmware update, or a format operation from the device menu, as these operations require power (the processor is busy).

Check Settings > Info to be sure that the latest firmware is installed.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: