Sansa / Firmware Update

I did the Firmware Update for my son’s Sansa. After doing so, it said to disconnect and turn it on to complete the process… I have done that continuously and each time it decides to start power-up the screen says “Firmware Update in Progress”. Half the time it doesn’t even respond when I try to turn it on. At that point, the only way to get it to turn on is to hold the power button for 30+. Any suggestions? Is there something I need to do to finalize the update?

Thank you in advance.

Transfer the firmware file, disconnect, let it process the firmware update and  after a while turn off on its own, THEN turn it on.

You also need to reset the USB mode after a firmware update.

Thank you very much. I am thinking it may be a bigger issue… After upgrading then unplugging it “Firmware Update in Progress” flashes on the screen only for a second then it shuts it’s self off almost immediately. When I try to turn it on I get no response. Sometimes I can get it to respond after a few tries but other times it takes several hours of trying off and on before it’ll respond. I tried the upgrade with another Sansa Clip of ours and it worked just fine. Perhaps this one is just down for the count…

Though, I am confused about something. Randomly, while plugged into my computer will it become recognized by the Sansa program and will allow me to make changes, upload, and delete music. Any thoughts as to what to do?

You’re using the correct firmware, right? You didn’t say exactly what model Clip you had, original, Clip+ or Clip Zip. Also realize that if you have the original Clip (with the round control wheel) there are two variants, Revision 1 and Revision 2. You must use the firmware designed for each; they are not interchangeable. All the latest firmware can be found in the Sansa Firmware Thread.