Can't open Clip in my computer after firmware upgrade

Just upgraded my firmware in my 8gb Clip to V02.01.32A, and I’m assuming it went o.k. It works, still has my music on it, and it plays, but when I plug it into my comp it shows up in my computer, but when I open it, there is nothing…no folders…nothing. I put it in MSC mode for the upgrade, and now it is in AuotDetect, for whatever that’s worth. I tried it in MSC mode again for the heck of it, and some folders show up, but no media folder like before, and no music. Anyone have any idea what went wrong? Should I just take it back to the store and exchange it? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

After rebooting the computer, everything is back to normal. Seems strange that I’d need to reboot to clear that up, but oh well, it worked.