Need help puttings songs on this thing.

Last week, I bought this Sansa Clip Zip, and I have thus far been unable to put more than a few songs on it. I’ve tried syncing it with Windows Media Player (well up to date, and I also have Windows 7) and it says it does it, but then I turn it on and none of the songs I put on there are on there. I have tried doing this with MSC mode, and it has not worked either. I have also just tried dragging and dropping them to the music folder, and it claims to do it, but then I turn it on and there is nothing there. It also occasionally tells me, when I try to drag and drop too much, that the device has stopped working. I have also tried deleting the preset songs, and that does not work either.

Can anyone tell me what could possibly be wrong? I’ve already paid my money and I shouldn’t have to struggle putting music on it. Thanks!

Using Windows Media Player 12 (with WIndows 7) should be just fine.  You can use the default MTP mode or MSC with WiMP.  Be sure that when you rip music CDs that the computer is online, so WiM can pull the requisite track data from the web.

The device was designed to be managed either with a media manager like WiMP, or can be loaded directly with Windows Explorer.  i prefer to use WiMP’s Sync functionm, since I have a whole gaggle of devices here.  Windows Media Player automatically sets the ID3 format to ID3 v 2.3 ISO 8859-1 format, needed to navigate your song collection on the device.

Plug in your machine, amd open Windows Media Player, then click on the sync tab.  Double click on the device (lower laft corner of the screen), and select your music (album / genre / artist etc, and se if there is music actually transferred to the device.  The most common error I encounter has a very simple root cause: did you press the Start Sync button once the list was selected?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: