updating firmware manually

Hi Again

updating firmware on Clip 4GB from v01.01.29A and firmware on Clip+ 8GB from v01.02.15A

Windows 7 Prof SP1 32 bit  

WMP 12

I’ve read that most will not use the sansa updater and instead just download the firmware files from this message board. Following instructions to place the extracted file into the ‘root directory’ of the Clip. From what I understand, the Clip should already be plugged into the computer. I drag and drop to the ‘root directory’, then disconnect the Clip from the computer and it updates the firmware. I know drag and drop but where and how do I find the ‘root directory’ for the Clip?

Sorry for posting such a silly question. And I’m guessing that the answer will be as plain as the nose on my face when I find out :flushed:

Thanks in advance

The root directory is the topmost directory in a folder/file hierarchy. In this case, where your Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Recordings, etc. folders are shown is your root directory. Place the extracted firmware file alongside these other folders (not in any of them).

If you don’t see any of those folders, your player is most likely in MTP mode. I would switch it to MSC mode before updating the firmware.

Hi There and thanks for the quick reply

OK, so I downloaded the update for the Clip and manually dragged it over to the ‘root directory’. The Clip said something about firmware, then went dark. Now, that was a good 20 minutes ago. According to the forum post “Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will boot back up. Once its back to the main menu”  How long does it take to update and will it turn itself back on? I’m afraid to turn it on in case I wreck it.

I believe the instructions are wrong. The player will shut off. You must manually re-start it.

It’s OK . . . it won’t blow up. :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks so much for your help, it’s so very appreciated!

I turned it on and everything is good.

I also took your advice and am not going to update the Clip+.

Again thanks a whole lot!