root directory?

Hello I want to update my firmware. Will the newest firmware update any of the older versions? I have a Mac. When I drag the file over, is there actually a folder on the Clip+ called the root directory that I drag the file  into??? I don’t recall seeing it but I wasn’t looking for it at the time.

Does the latest version improve anything at all over my older version :  V01.01.05A    Hopefully yes?

many thanks,


p.s.   I downloaded the update but what is the name of the file:  Is it CLPPA.BIN?  And I don’t see something called a root directory in the Clip. There are:  






Got it done! Felt like i accomplished something, whatever. Root schmoot, just speak English and call it what it is, sheeesh! Hey, while I’m here, I have 3 recorded voice files that won’t delete. Anyone else experience this? Thanks.

Root directory of the name given to topmost directory of a drive. It isn’t a real folder. On windows it gets a drive association like E: and and associated name. On a mac I think you just see a name.

So what do I do with this file? Every site I have checked just says “drop the file into the root directory.” Where, what, which file? I am beginning to suspect that I just need to drag and drop it into the same place where the folders are? There are some other files visible when I click on the player like “MTABLE.SYS, RES_INFOR.SYS” etc. Does it go there? Most non-tech people don’t know what you mean by “root directory.”

If you mean drop the file into the players main file I would understand that!

Yep, that was the solution, click on the player name, drag and drop the file into the main window, unplug, and the firmware update begins.

Yes, just as the firmware upgrade instructions state in the Firmware sticky thread at the top of this forum.