I have installed some of my pictures on my FUZE.  Easy!  Then, with others, I receive a msg that says:  UNSUPPORTED MEDIA FORMAT.  They are ALL .jpg or .jpeg.  what is the problem?  Why am I getting this message?  How do I fix this?

Thanks for your help!

It needs to be formatted in the dimensions try using the sansa media converter

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ok, converted.  now, how do i get it onto my FUZE?

the software says that it was converted and ‘sent’ to the device.  however, the device STILL shows the picture as ‘UNSUPPORTED MEDIA’!  now what?  the OTHER pictures have the same extension, taken by the same camera!!  :angry:

The photos show as being in the FOLDER marked PHOTOS when I checked ‘my computer’ on my desktop.  however, they show up as UNSUPPORTED MEDIA in the FUZE even after using the SanDisk converter!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks!!  :dizzy_face:

It may be related to the source jpeg, either the extension, the size, or the color resolution.

Can you let us know some of the particulars of the source jpeg?  Look at “properties”.

Perhaps the SMC is trying to convert an image beyond its capabilities.  Does your camera have the option of exporting a smaller image for email?  I’ve found this option quite useful, as the smaller image translates beautifuly to the Fuze without much fuss.

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hi …

I downloaded the converter from online, it overwrote the one that was already installed on my system and, apparently, THAT works!!! I have successfully installed the pictures I wanted!!   I guess the online converter was a newer version!

Thanks to everyone who responded!!

Uber cool!


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Can I add a little to this?

I transferred a number of pictures to my fuze using the media converter and a few showed the unsupported media type message. After messing around a little I found resaving the picture (I used Irfanview) then the media converter on the resaved files and they were viewable on my fuze. Perhaps some pics have differently formatted control info/ perhaps some corruption/ perhaps sansa’s programs are the problem (the pics were viewable in every other program tried), but  it’s worth a try if you get problems.

My advice is not to use SMC for photos. Instead use any photo editing software and make small copies of your photos. How small must they be? I don’t know, however I use a size of around 600x450 which works fine on the Fuze. You can use an even smaller size, as long as it is at least as large as the screen size, which is 220x176.

If you are looking for a photo editing software for free, try Gimp. I have not used it myself (I have Photoshop CS3) but if it made it to frostclick then its probably pretty good.