unsupported media format


my photos on fuze are jpeg and when i try to look at them it says 

unsupported media format what is wrong

To add photos to the Fuze you unfortunately have to use Sansa Media Converter, to process the photo into something the fuze can play. You might also want to check out video4fuze, I dont know if that does photos but its worth a look.

Make sure they are regular 'ol white-bread .jpg’s; not JPG 2000 or ‘progressive’ format. Also realize that by puttng on an image that is too large (or detailed) for the miniscule screen is not only wasteful space-wise, but could also be hampering the player’s ability to de-cypher & re-size it to a size it can display.

And no, you don’t need SMC to convert the photos first. All this does is change the format to .bmp, which takes less memory space (and also decreases the quality). JPG is a natively supported image format. That’s the format of the album art and they display just fine.