large .jpg files reported as "Unsupported Media Format"

If I put large .jpgs (about 1.5MB each) on my Fuze, when I try and view them it claims “Unsupported Media Format” – if I resize the jpg to half size it works.  This was also mentioned on one of the Fuze reviews (

Question is, will this be fixed?  I have the latest firmware as of today (version 1.01.11A).  Still broke :(  All my jpg collections are hi-res, I don’t want to convert to put in the device and show off to my friends! (I wonder what algorithm it uses to scale anyway.  Anyone know?).

You should use Sansa Media Converter to convert your picture.

fuze has a filesize and resolution size cap. I remember posting this a few times, but I can’t remember the details, I believe it was:

800kb and/or 1600x1200 being the limit. so if the jpeg is larger than either of the specified, the fuze will not show it.

the cap is for obvious reasons.